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 "I got Nou La Spice's 4 chile sea salt and Im glad I did! You can use this salt with any cuisine to spice it up! It is well made and you don't need to use a lot to have the flavors come through! I will definitely be ordering more!"


Nou La Spice is a Boston-based company centered around food and personal expression. 


I use the phrase Nou La, which means “we are here” in Haitian Kreyol because I wanted to highlight the people of the African diaspora. We are creating spaces for ourselves and we are doing it with a bold, unapologetic flare.


More people are heading back into the kitchen, so I merge cultural influences with modern influences to make meal preparation more interesting. My goal is to curate spices, and accessory food/lifestyle products to help expand creativity in your everyday life. I hope to see you in the kitchen using your Nou La spice products!


All the best,


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